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Simply put, ciphey is a password and secret manager that is like pass if it used age instead of PGP. More than anything, it is an experiment to determine how cryptography can be combined in a minimalist manner to protect passwords in a way that accounts for the most realistic threats to their confid… read more

Bamboo Media Server

Bamboo is a self-hosted personal media server written in Rust that I've been working on for the past two years with my friend Ersei. It aims to replace existing media servers like Jellyfin and Plex by decoupling the front-end, API, and content as much as possible, allowing for richer client applicat… read more

SSA Student App

SSA Student is an app that several other students and I wrote in 2017 to replace SSA Mobile, which was written by an alumni from several years prior but no longer worked with the then-upcoming iOS 11 release. It's an essential tool used daily by over 500 students, faculty, and parents to manage seve… read more


iso639_enum is a small Rust crate I wrote for my Bamboo media server project. ISO639 is a standard that enumerates world languages and provides two and three character codes to represent them. This is important in the context of a media server because any media in a particular language (basically an… read more


GrammarQuery was built as a project for the Unversity of Pittsburgh's SheInnovates 2022 Hackathon. It's a voice-based language learning tool that prompts you with real-world questions that the user replies to by speaking. It complements other language learning tools that are focused on learning voca… read more


Exploring the World of Password Managers

1997 words - 10 mins
Passwords are miserable to deal with. Bad passwords are both terrifyingly tempting and incredibly common. Good passwords and hygiene all but require complicated management schemes like password managers and a fair bit of diligence. At the same time, passwords are used so frequently that it's most pr… read more

Setting up IRC with soju and senpai

1475 words - 8 mins
Despite the rapid movement of many Free Software project communities to proprietary platforms like Slack and Discord, many communities continue to live on IRC. Notably, The Tor Project has several channels on OFTC. While many of these projects also have bridges to Matrix channels, I don't use Matrix… read more

Adding FreshRSS to NetNewsWire

787 words - 4 mins
A pain point that I have always had with RSS is syncing my feeds and read status between devices. There are various solutions out there; TinyRSS, Feedly, TheOldReader... the list goes on. The fact that I couldn't sync my constantly-changing feeds and content read statuses between my devices and virt… read more